Gambling Online

19/03/2018 02:45

Online Gambling Guide

Learn the ins and outs of the popular pastime of gambling on the internet. Get information on a variety gambling related topics such as the history of the industry, legality, comparing gambling on-line versus on-land, tips on selecting a preferred gambling provider, software, payouts, banking and more.



The mid 1990s saw the birth of the modern commercial internet, and it didn’t take long for online gambling companies to set up shop.  The Gaming Club is credited as being the first online casino – although the rival site InterCasino will challenge that – launched way back in 1995.  And prominent  online bookmaker Intertops accepted the first sports wager not long after, in 1996.  The years that followed witnessed a flurry of operators and i-gaming entrepreneurs come on board, the reputable ones gaining a foothold while many fly-by-night operators went under, all the while giving rise to the modern industry that we have today.

Modern online gambling has evolved quite a lot since its humble beginnings back when only 25% of households had a home computer, and even fewer had dial up internet.  Advancements in computing technology and internet availability led the way for i-gaming companies to enhance their products and features, and to reach more people with each passing year.  Today’s gambling companies and websites have filled the niches for all types of bettors, offering everything from casino games to sports bets, to bingo, backgammon, poker, and politics. 

With such an array of gambling sites and product choices now available online, how does a person go about finding a site that is right for them?  And what other important details should a person know about gambling online?  Take a couple moments to explore our online gambling guide and learn more about important topics facing players and the industry in general.


Back when the industry was brand new, gambling sites were almost evenly divided between completely reputable companies that had customers’ best interests at hand, and unscrupulous operators that were only looking for a quick buck.  For several years, players were largely left to fend for themselves when it came to disputes and other important matters regarding playing online.  A couple of the larger industry players even went under, such as World Gaming and Bet On Sports.

Fortunately, since that time, a number of steps have been taken to ensure fairness and security for online gamblers.  Chiefly, regulatory bodies have been created in a number of places around the globe, such as in the United Kingdom (UK Gambling Commission), Gibraltar (Gibraltar Gambling Commission), Curacao, Antigua and others.  These agencies are responsible for granting the gambling licenses that companies are required to possess in order to operate within certain jurisdictions, and they ensure that the companies adhere to all the policies that are in place to protect customers and guarantee fair online gambling.  A more recent industry trend has been for the national government of many countries - some of whom previously had a complete monopoly on all of their state’s gambling activity – to become active in establishing new laws governing online gambling within their borders.  While this is still progressing in many places, it should ultimately be a helpful move in ensuring that players have only the best choices available when it comes to online gambling.